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Nantucket Dental Society

Founded by Dr. Michael T. Varallo in 2007

Cutting-edge industry knowledge with top dental professionals.

Nantucket Dental Society was founded by Dr. Michael T. Varallo in 2007. Nantucket Dental is an organization that annually holds Continuing Education seminars in Nantucket, MA for dental professionals looking to improve themselves and their practices.

The Nantucket Dental Society 2019 Seminar will be hosted by James P. Boyd, DDS, creator of the NTI (nocioceptive trigeminal inhibition) therapeutic protocol. Dr. Boyd will also be joined with David Lustbader, DDS. For more information please visit: http://www.nantucketdental.com/

If you would like to make a payment online for Nantucket Dental Society, visit http://www.nantucketdental.com/register.To register for the 2019 seminar and Continuing Education course please contact us at (201) 670-9076 or email info@nantucketdental.com.

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