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You can straighten your teeth discreetly with clear aligners.

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Clear Aligners

You can straighten your teeth discreetly with clear aligners.

Made of a clear plastic, the aligners are custom-fit to you.

To plan your treatment, we’ll first discuss your goals for your smile, and determine if clear aligners are appropriate for your case.

Next, we’ll take radiographs and a photo of your smile.

We’ll also take impressions of your teeth.
Custom models of your teeth will be used to create your treatment plan.

The clear aligner software allows us to see how your teeth will move into their final positions.

A sequence of aligners designed to move your teeth through each stage of your treatment will be created. The aligners may have a power ridge that, where needed, puts extra force on certain teeth. This will be placed on the tooth with tooth colored material that locks the tray into place to encourage tooth and root movement.

Treatment time varies, but most people receive 20 or 30 sets of aligners.

You’ll wear each set of aligners for about two weeks, and then replace them with the next set in the series. After the series of aligners is finished, your dentist or orthodontist will determine if more aligners are needed or if you can transition into retainers that will be worn at night to maintain the teeth’s alignment.

Clear aligners are good for professionals who want to minimize the appearance of braces. Because they’re removable, you take them out to eat, brush, and floss. Ideally, you will wear the aligner for 22 hours per day for optimum movement.

Clear aligners can be a good choice to help get your teeth in their healthy alignment, and give you a beautiful smile.

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